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“Stevie Palmer just gets better and better every time I hear him. His voice is astonishingly good. Heartprint Shadow is a truly excellent album” (Dick Gaughan)

“Heartprint Shadow, the new album from Stevie Palmer, is an excellent piece of work” (Michael Marra)

Welcome addition to the 'acoustic-folk' community
“I don't know about you but I'm getting tired of watching 'music' award ceremonies where pristine trophies are thrust in the direction of the likes of Tinie Tempah or Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu as he's known to his mates. Far better for them to be awarded to thought-provoking singer-songwriters the calibre of Stevie Palmer who immediately brought to mind that of a Scottish sounding Christopher Cross with the opening track Everybody Knows featured on his debut album.

Perhaps it's the brooding piano intro provided by Kim Edgar and Steven Christie's programmed strings coupled with Wendy Wetherby (cello), Allan Knox (bass) and Steven Polwart's classical acoustic guitar, but the cumulative effect is evocative and to be honest quite stunning. On another offering Star Rising Palmer has a cleverly constructed, cliché driven song that once again proves he's no slouch in knowing what he requires instrumentally to convey his lyrics even utilising plucked ukulele alongside Mary MacMaster's harp on an arrangement that is dignified without being over sentimental. On the track Where The Bison Fell with its subject matter possibly inspired by the Dee Brown book Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee the tale of the spiritually impoverished Native American is heart-achingly told in a sparse arrangement that should be required listening for anyone who has a conscience and at this point congratulations should also be accorded to recording engineer Ian McCalman and Stuart Hamilton for excellent mixing and mastering.

For such a thoughtful and insightful musician you'd never have guessed Stevie started out in the business as a drummer (no offence Phil Collins!) but so long as he continues to let the creative juices flow from his pen I really think we are going to be hearing a lot more of this welcome addition to the 'acoustic-folk' community”.***** (PeteFyfe: Maverick Magazine)

"These songs are by turns literate, moving, memorable and uplifting. Stevie Palmer is a beautiful singer with a gorgeous warm voice and lovely, honest way of communicating with an audience" (Karine Polwart).

"From the very first track I had shivers down my back. This very rarely happens and is the sign of an exceptional original recording" (Jenny Flux: 2Air FM Australia)

"I am delighted that another Burnsong winner has secured a recording deal and produced such a strong collection of finely crafted, exquisitely emotive songs" (Ronnie Gurr: Chair and Artistic Director, Burnsong)

"These highly crafted, original and thoughtful songs, rich in melody and set in tastefully imaginative arrangements (including Kim Edgar on Piano, Steven Polwart on Guitars and Mary Macmaster on Harp) showcase the Edinburgh man's remarkable vocal abilities and his quietly powerful way with words. There's nothing macho in these lyrics, rather a questing compassion in the understanding that love is ubiquitous and fragile.An absorbing album that's both heartfelt and heartwarming" **** (Norman Chalmers: Scotland On Sunday)

"Stevie Palmer has written a beautiful album of songs. His voice is amazing, with a huge range! These are glorious songs, sung from the heart by one of Scotland's finest songwriters (Mairi Campbell: Internationally respected singer/songwriter, vocalist and instrumentalist)

"With a voice reminiscent of classic American vocalists like Dan Fogelberg, but delivered in a resolutely Scottish style with echoes of Karine Polwart, Stevie Palmer is a very welcome addition to the ranks of fine Scottish singer-songwriters. Heartprint Shadow is a highly accomplished debut album presenting 12 beautifully crafted songs from an Artist who demands respect and deserves success" (Ciaran Dorriss: Celtic Music Radio)

"This is a very impressive debut album filled with songs that really say something" (Radio Scotland)

“The great war has a link with this album, award winning singer/songwriter Stevie Palmer's Heartprint Shadow. Stevie first came to the attention of Greentrax through his song Black Is The Sun which featured on the now famous Far, Far From Ypres album. As a result his debut album has become the latest Ian Green discovery. Stevie's collection works on more than one level; Yes, it's fine for easy listening on the commuting drive; but it also more than repays the effort of actually heeding the words, as his songs speak of eternal themes and eternal emotions. Where The Bison Fell regrets 'All that's gone' of the vanished Native American lifestyle, for instance. Nearer home The John McClinchy Bridge pays tribute to those who died building the Forth Rail Bridge. So we have yet another trailblazing success from Greentrax - who I guess by now have found more people than even Pinkerton's Agency ever did!” (The Scots Magazine)

“Well crafted, intelligent, infectious acoustic pop, beautifully accompanied on piano, guitars, bass, harp, cello, ukulele and hammond organ. The sound lies somewhere between The Proclaimers and Antony and the Johnsons.” (fROOTS Magazine)

“Stevie Palmer is a quality vocalist. You can almost feel the people and places that he's singing about.”(FATEA Magazine)

“A fine singer/songwriter with a remarkable voice.” (Folkworld Magazine).

"I love the way Stevie tells stories about things that other people might not even notice. His voice is so full of emotion and expression" (Mary Macmaster Internationally respected recording and touring artist with Sting):

"This is a fantastic album! 'Black Is The Sun' (from Heartprint Shadow) is stunning and spine tingling!" (Ian Green)

"Stevie is certainly one of the best singer songwriters I've recorded and probably one of the most original. His songs are thoughtful, funny, sad and thought provoking in equal measure" (Ian McCalman).

Quote from Far, Far From Ypres review:

"The stand out track on Far, Far From Ypres is an original, a cappella-over-drones song by emerging Scottish writer Stevie Palmer called 'Black Is The Sun)" (Norman Chalmers: Scotland On Sunday)





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