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Stevie's debut album Heartprint Shadow was released on 1st December 2010 by Greentrax Recordings and you can now buy it online.

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“These are glorious songs sung from the heart by one of Scotland's finest songwriters.” (Mairi Campbell)

Heartprint Shadow Album

There are 12 tracks in all: Everybody Knows * Heartprint Shadow * Star Rising * Walk Beneath Your Shade * Holly And Charlie * Where The Bison Fell * Just A Smile * Destiny * Hushaby * Princess 1300 * Black Is The Sun * The John McClinchey Bridge.

"From the very first track I had shivers down my back. This very rarely happens and is the sign of an exceptional original recording" (Jenny Flux: 2Air FM Australia)

“Heartprint Shadow, the new album from Stevie Palmer, is an excellent piece of work” (Michael Marra)

Why not sample these tracks Stevie's Heartprint Shadow Album? :

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Also already available online is Far, far from Ypres a double CD of songs from the time of, and relating to, World War I, which contains Stevie's haunting track Black is the Sun.

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Far, far from Ypres Album

"The stand out track on Far, Far From Ypres is an original, a cappella-over-drones song by emerging Scottish writer Stevie Palmer called 'Black Is The Sun)" (Norman Chalmers: Scotland On Sunday)


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Also now available online is Music And Song From Scotland - Greentrax 25th Anniversary Collection (2CD) featuring Stevie's Black is the Sun.













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