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Stevie Palmer, singer songwriter

"These songs are by turns literate, moving, memorable and uplifting. Stevie Palmer is a beautiful singer with a gorgeous warm voice and lovely, honest way of communicating with an audience" (Karine Polwart).



Stevie Palmer is an award-winning singer songwriter based in Edinburgh. His debut album 'Heartprint Shadow' was released by the Greentrax Recordings label on the 1st of December 2010.

Full details of the album and links to distribution outlets can be found on the 'My Music' page of this website and you can sample some songs from 'Heartprint Shadow' in MP3 format there!

You can also find out all about Stevie by visiting his Bio page.

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"From the very first track I had shivers down my back. This very rarely happens and is the sign of an exceptional original recording" (Jenny Flux: 2Air FM Australia)





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Heartprint Shadow

“Stevie Palmer just gets better and better every time I hear him. His voice is astonishingly good. Heartprint Shadow is a truly excellent album” (Dick Gaughan)


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